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23 Feb

What SSD Size Do I Need For My Website?

Choosing the right SSD size can be one of the hardest choices when it comes to setting up a website, so we have put together this little guide for common hosting scenarios.

Naturally, the size you require is directly related to the type of website you are looking to set up. A plain text website will be a lot smaller than one that has lots of images, and an image-laden site will be smaller than one that has videos. Another factor to consider is what website software you are using. This could be your shopping cart, content management system and even backup system.

Let’s take a look at the 2 most common website options in use and their average sizes.


Our clients average around 1-1.5GB per WordPress installation. Keeping in mind what we mentioned above, most users choose to link to videos and other large files to save on SSD space.

WordPress website size


HTML websites are generally lighter on SSD usage and weigh in around 50-400MB, but once again this can vary quite a bit depending on the amount and type of files uploaded.

HTML website size

How can I free up space?

There are many ways of lowering your overall SSD usage and the most straightforward one is to put the big files somewhere else.

Images can be uploaded to a free image host and then linked into your pages, removing the need for image space. (Did you know: We offer a free image hosting service,

Videos are even easier, and most people don’t even realise they probably already have a free video sharing account!
Where? YouTube of course! If you have a Google account (, you already have a YouTube account you can use to upload your videos. From there you can click the share button to get the page link and embed code.

Backups can also be a hidden source of SSD usage. If they are setup incorrectly or not matched properly to your hosting plan, backups can easily take over your storage space.

Chat with our friendly support team and they will be more than happy to talk about your sizing requirements.

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