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27 Feb

How Would You Know If Your Server Is Down?

Keeping an eye on your website 24/7 just isn’t practical, so how do you get the piece of mind that your server is running full steam ahead without having to check on it all the time?

The answer is simple: Let software do it for you!

There are many free and paid website monitoring services available to take the stress away from making sure your website is available at all times. Some offer bog-standard monitoring & alerts if your site becomes unresponsive. Others offer a plethora of extras like domain name and SSL monitoring (mostly for an extra cost).

Today we will be looking at what we consider to be the dynamic duo of keeping your site open:

StatusCake and CloudFlare

StatusCake & CloudFlare help keep your server up

StatusCake is a website and server monitoring service that allows you to monitor the uptime and loading speed of up to 10 URLs for free!
We use StatusCake for real time monitoring of our servers and sales portal and particularly enjoy the averaged stats that you can see at the top of the image below.

Server down time monitoring
StatusCake webpage showing 7 day stats from two PCH servers

OK, we have the monitoring sorted out, but now what do we do if something does happen to the server? This one is easier than it sounds: don’t let it go down in the first place.

CloudFlare is many things, a CDN, a DNS cache, cloud network platform, but most and least confusing of all; it’s the backbone in keeping your site up 24/7.

By simply changing your nameservers to a set assigned to you by CloudFlare, you can enjoy their “Always Online” feature which displays a recently cached (or copied) version of your website in the event your server goes down.

CloudFlare analytics
CloudFlare analytics

You also benefit from their free image CDN – or content distribution network. This eases strain and bandwidth from your server by sending users cached versions of images instead of taking them from your server every time they are needed.

CloudFlare also offers website analytics, SSL encryption, webpage acceleration and even an “I’m under attack” mode if, well… your website is under attack, all on their free plan!

Sign up for both of these services for free at the links below.
If you have any questions or need a little help setting things up, drop us a Support Ticket.


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