PCH DEVaffiliate

Are you a website developer looking to provide a better service to your customers all while making extra money?

DEVaffiliate is your link to super cheap staging grounds and makes ongoing site work a breeze.

Features and Benefits


Easily add new domains to create virtual staging grounds where you can build and exhibit your current works in progress, all separate from your main website.

Softaculous staging* gives you the opportunity to continue working on your clients websites after deployment. This is great for when your client wants updates or new features and can be an ongoing source of income!

*staging may not be available for all Softaculous scripts.

Domain Names

If you are making a new website for a client, odds are they are going to need a new domain name too.
With our free subdomains (.w3b.gdn & .pch.cloud) you can get your client’s new site on the web before they even have their new domain name.


We might have some of the best value hosting around, but it doesn’t stop there… As a partnered dev you can enjoy 50% off any of our hosting packages for your own website and staging grounds.

You also get an exclusive dev’s code for 40% off your client’s first month! (handy for migrating services, or just as a gift to new clients!)


Your client needs a server for their project once it’s complete, so why not keep it here?

Each client of yours that continues their hosting with PCH will get you get 10% commission of their monthly/yearly service fee! that’s crazy!
(commissions paid tri-annually)


You can choose to deploy your clients onto their own cPanel instance, or if you wish to provide a “managed hosting” service and charge your own rates, you can host them in your account by adding their domain names.

Who can Apply?

Criteria for application is pretty relaxed.

We would prefer if you:

  1. consider yourself a developer
  2. are actively pursuing new work
  3. can produce a portfolio of any past work

However, we actively encourage new talent and are happy to provide the first step in launching your developer career with the same full access to PCH DEVaffiliate.

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